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The first cytokinin was discovered by
A. Skoog
B. Went
C. Addicott
D. Miller

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Hint: Cytokinins are mixed with a structure resembling adenine which advances cell division and has other comparative capacities to kinetin. Kinetin was the primary cytokinin found thus named on account of the mixes' capacity to advance cytokinesis (cell division).

Complete answer: The main cytokinin was introduced from herring sperm in 1955 by Miller and his partners. This compound was named kinetin due to its capacity to advance cytokinesis. Lobby and deRopp announced that kinetin could be framed from DNA debasement items in 1955.
The main natural cytokinin was detached from corn in 1961 by (Miller, 1961). It was later called zeatin. It is Miller and Letham that are credited with the concurrent revelation of zeatin. Since that time, a lot more natural cytokinins have been isolated and the compound is omnipresent to all plant species in a single structure or other.
Cytokinins are engaged with many plant measures, including cell division and shoot and root morphogenesis. They are known to manage axillary bud development and apical predominance.
Hence, Option (d) Miller is a correct answer.

Additional Information:
Skoog (1937) found that this physiological recovery could be forestalled by evacuation of the "seed" of the oat before the underlying execution.
At Caltech, Frits Warmolt Went was among the first to show the significance of hormones in plant development and improvement.
Addicott and his partners found abscisic corrosive in the mid-1960s during the time spent examining abscission in cotton (monetarily significant for automation of cotton picking).

Note: The principal cytokinin was segregated from herring sperm in 1955 by Miller. This compound was named as kinetin as a result of its capacity to advance cytokinesis. Common cytokinins are integrated into areas where fast cell division is happening. e.g., root apices, creating shoot buds, young natural products, and so on Cytokinins defeat apical strength. They advance supplement activation that helps in the postponement of leaf senescence.