The edible portion in fresh onion comprises:
(a)modified leaves
(b)buds and leaf bases
(c)swollen stem
(d) disc-like stem

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Hint: Every plant consists of roots, stem, leaves, buds, flowers & fruits containing seeds. But, in some cases, plants modify themselves or their certain parts for various reasons like for food storage, mechanical support, protection from the predator, etc.

Complete answer:
Onion is an underground modified stem In which a bulb-like structure is present containing Tunic, Leafy scales, bud, basal plate, and adventitious roots. This bulb is a modified stem for the storage of food.
Plants modifications can be in any part of the plant viz. stem roots, leaves, etc. Some modifications of leaves are tendrils, thorns, etc whereas that of the stem are rhizome, sucker, etc.
The edible part in the onion is concentric fleshy, enlarged & scaly leaf bases. The outer part of the leaves loses moisture and becomes scaly whereas the inner part thickens along with the development of the bulb.

So, the correct answer is 'Modified leaves'.

 -The botanical name of Onion is Allium cepa and belongs to the Alliaceae family.
-Onion cells and peels can be used for better study of meiosis stages.
- Another type of bulb is Garlic which consists of aggregates of cloves, unlike Onion.
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