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The edible part of Apple/Pear is-
A. Cotyledons
B. Thalamus/Receptacle
C. Mesocarp
D. Endocarp

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Hint: Fruits are the resultant structures of the fertilization in flowers. The ovary of flowers is generally converted into fruit walls and ovules are converted into seeds. The edible part of the different plants is different. Similarly, the edible part of different fruits is different.

Complete answer:
There are four types of fruits which are explained below :

> Simple- They originate from a single ovary and may be fleshy or dry. Eg- Grape, coconut, etc.
> Aggregate- They develop from a separate ovary of a single flower eg- Blackberry and raspberry.
> Multiple- It develops from the ovary of many flowers in a cluster. Eg- Pineapple, Mulberry.
> Accessory- They develop from other parts of the plant and not from the ovary. Eg- Apples and Pears.
Apples and Pears
Apples and Pears have a place with the rose family (Rosaceae) and incorporate truly many developed assortments.
They all began in western Asia (or Eurasia) and are portrayed by fleshy natural products called pomes. .
The sepals, petals, and stamens emerge from the edge of the hypanthium. Since the ovary is arranged underneath the connection of the sepals, petals, and stamens, it is named "inferior" in specialized plant scientific books.
In apples and pears, the thick, fleshy hypanthium is combined with the inner, seed-bearing core, and the fruit is titled as a pome.
Unlike other fleshy fruits, when you bite an apple you are actually eating the hypanthium tissue rather than the ripened ovary or core.
The edible part of the majority of fruits is the actual ovary, but the case for apples and pears is quite different, only the outer thalamus layer is eaten.

The edible part of Apple/Pear is Thalamus/Receptacle. So, the correct answer is option (B).

Note: Other parts of a fruit :
 > Exocarp- The outermost skin or covering of the fruit.
 > Mesocarp- It is referred to as the middle part of the fruit.
 > Endocarp- The innermost covering of fruit.