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The edible part in the fruit of lotus is
A. Achenes
B. Fleshy thalamus
C. Endosperm
D. Cotyledons

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: Lotus is the national flower of India. In many continents, different parts of the lotus are eaten as food.

Step by step answer:
The fruit part of the lotus is formed with dry and indehiscent fruitlets that are embedded in the spongy thalamus.
The naming of the fruitlets is done based on the nature of the fruitlets. In lotus, it is known as achenes.
Similarly, fruitlets of berry, follicles, and drupes are known as etaerio of barriers, etaerio of follicles, and etaerio of drupes.

Thus, the correct answer is option A. Achenes
In false fruits, the thalamus is an edible part of the apple.
The endosperm is the nutritive material for the developing embryo in the seed. It persists in edible coconut 'meat' and coconut 'water'.
Cotyledons are edible in groundnut, walnut, and pomegranate.

Note: Root of the lotus is used as food in India, Japan, and China. This flower part is generally found under the water.