The disease known as hydrophobia is
A) Rabies
B) Tetanus
C) Syphilis
D) Cholera

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Hint:Neurological disorders may occur due to many different kinds of diseases that damage the nervous system of the body. The symptoms associated with the neurological disease are partial paralysis, muscle weakness, seizures, etc. and in some cases people may show symptoms like hydrophobia.

Complete answer:
To answer this question, we have to know about hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is the condition in which the person or the animals have the extreme fear for water. This condition occurs during the rabies disease.
Now, rabies is a viral disease that spreads from saliva of infectious animals and if any infected animal bite a person in other words, we can say that rabies is a neurological disease that infects the central nervous system of the human brain. Animals like dogs, foxes, raccoons, bats, monkeys, etc have the ability to transmit this disease to humans. The symptoms involve; fever, vomiting, nausea, agitation, hyperactive, difficulty in swallowing, excessive salivation, fear of water, hallucination, insomnia, partial paralysis, etc. We have observed many times that when a person is bitten by a dog he or she is rushed to the doctor for treatment to prevent rabies. For the treatment of rabies, a vaccine is provided to the patient.

Additional information:
The rabies virus has negative-stranded genomes, the structure of rabies is bullet shaped therefore, classified as rhabdoviridae. It encodes five proteins; nucleoprotein, matrix protein, polymerase, and glycoprotein. They have two structural components surrounding the envelope and ribonucleoprotein core. In the ribonucleoprotein core the genome is enclosed by nucleoprotein.

Hence, the correct answer is ‘A’. Rabies.

Note: The tetanus is caused by a bacteria called Clostridium tetani that does not cause hydrophobia. The syphilis is a sexual transmitting disease that harms the immune system of the human body. And cholera is a disease caused due to the consumption of contaminated food or water and none of these diseases cause hydrophobia.