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The different castes in black ant are:
A. Queens, Kings, Workers and soldiers
B. Queens, Kings and workers
C. Queen, and Workers
D. Queens, kings and soldiers

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Hint: The common black ant is also known as the black garden ant. But their biological name is Lasius niger. They came under the species of the subgenus Lasius. It is also termed as subgenus Lasius or Lasius niger is found across the countries such as Europe and in some parts of North America, South America, Asia, and Australasia. These ants are also called formicine ants..

Complete answer:
The common black ant which was categorized into the species of the L. niger is found in forest habitats. The word platythorax means monogynous, which is a colony that contains a single queen.
The Queen, King, Workers, and soldiers are only members present in the society of black ant
-Queen- The solitary responsibility of a queen is to lay eggs to produce more numbers of ants.
-King- the existence of a king is crucial as it helps to fertilize the queen.
-Workers- The workers build and help in reparation of the nest. They collect food and look after the eggs, and provide the nymphs and other classes.
-Soldiers- The responsibility of soldiers defends the colony.
So, the correct answer is (A) 'Queens, kings, workers, soldiers'.

Note: In general, the European species were classified into two types. They are L. niger and L. platythorax. Typically, the common black ant which was categorized into the species of the L. platythorax is found in open areas. These ants are always contradicted towards the citrus. If a person desires to avoid the common black ants entering the house, they can sprinkle lemon water at all the walls.