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The diagram given below represents those students who play cricket, football, and kabaddi. Study the diagram and identify the students who play all three games.
seo images

  & A.P+Q+R \\
 & B.V+T \\
 & C.S+T+V \\
 & D.S \\

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Hint: In this question, we are given a Venn diagram representing students who play cricket, football, and kabaddi. We need to find the students who play all these games. From the Venn diagram, a particular shape or box consists of students who play a particular game. Some students are present in two or all three boxes hence, they play those two or all three games. Hence, we will find students for every game and then figure out which students play all three games.

Complete step-by-step solution
Here we are given a Venn diagram for students who play kabaddi, cricket, and football as:
seo images

Let us now name all students for each category of sports.
Carefully observing the Venn diagram, we find that the following students come under the category of cricket i.e. students who play cricket are as following: $S, T, U, V$.
Also, we can see that the following students play football: $P, Q, S, V$.
Similarly, following students play kabaddi: $Q,R,S,T$.
Now we need to find students who play all three games: cricket, football, and kabaddi. For this, let us observe students who play particular games. As we can see from the listed students, only S appears in all three lists. Also from the Venn diagram, S is covered under all three boxes. Hence, S students play all three games cricket, football, and kabaddi.
Hence, option D is the correct answer.

Note: While analyzing the Venn diagram and determining the number of students, students can make the mistake of leaving any number of students behind. For simplification, they can draw all three boxes separately and then list the students. Similarly, they can observe that T comes under two boxes only, V comes under two boxes only and some students such as P, R, U come under one box only.