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The Congress participated in which round table conference?
A)Only first
B)Only second
C)First and third
D)All three

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Hint: Round Table conference was held as the recommendation of the Simon Commission report. This conference saw an overwhelming number of Indian delegates.

Complete answer:
After the Simon commission recommendations report The viceroy of India, lord Irwin, and the prime Minister of Britain, Ramsay Mac Donald, agreed that round table conference should be held, then all three round table conferences were arranged between British and Indians. Now let’s see in which round table Conference The congress participated,

The first round table conference was held in London between November 1930 and January 1931. The Congress and some prominent business leaders refused to attend the conference.

The 2nd round table conference was held in London from sep 7, 1931 to Dec 1, 1931. The Indian National Congress nominated Mahatma Gandhi as its sole representative.

As mentioned above the Indian National Congress did not participate in the 1st conference. Between Nov 17,1932 and Dec 24, 1932 a third round table conference was held but it was not attended by the Indian National Congress and Gandhi.

All three conferences are not attended by indian national congress.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: The Second Round Table conference was held in a less auspicious environment. Only because of the Gandhi-Irwin pact, Indian National Congress attended the second Round Table Conference. Gandhi represented Indian National Congress and Sarojini Naidu represented Indian women. Madan Mohan Malaviya, Ghanshyam Das Birla, Muhammad Iqbal, Sir Mirza Ismail Diwan of Mysore, S K Dutta and Sir Syed Ali Imam were other people that attended the conference.