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The channar revolt by the Nadar women was the fight for the right to……
A)Equal opportunity at work
B)Entry into temple
C)Upper- body cloths
D)Draw water from any well

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Hint: The Channar Lahala or Channar revolt is also known as Maru Marakkal Samaram, refers to the fight from 1813 to 1859 of Nadar women.

Complete answer:
The Channar revolt, Channar Lahala or Mura Murakkal Saharam took place in the early 1800s in Travancore, modern day Kerala. It was a rebellion that grew out of everyday repression. Now let’s see for what right this revolt is take place,

Equal opportunity at work is one of the right of every woman in today's world but earlier women don't even have right to work outside home. But channar revolt was not held for this.

Women also had to fight for entry into temple, but Nadar women fight was not for this reason.

In the Channar Revolt the activities of Swamikal inspired nadal women for otherwise known as Upper Cloth Mutiny that fought for the right of the Channar women to wear upper clothes and knee-length garments.

Channar revolt was not fought for water.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: Lower caste women (Avarna), the toddy tapping Shanars or Nadars being an example, were not allowed to wear a cloth over their breasts in public. As a matter of fact, baring your breasts in front of members of the higher caste was seen as a display of respect. If any woman disagreed with the practise, they were obliged to pay a ‘breast tax’ or Mula Karam whose amount was determined, quite sickeningly, by the size of their breasts.