The centre for cellular and molecular biology is located at

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Hint: Centre for cellular and molecular biology is one of the esteemed institutes in India which is an important research institute for fundamental life sciences. For its contribution in modern biology, it has been recognized as a centre of excellence by UNESCO.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the CCMB and its achievements.
CCMB is one of the important institutions in India which is working in collaboration with many scientists in India and abroad. It is located in Hyderabad. The research programmes at CCMB include areas of modern biology, research catering to the needs of society and also commercial oriented works. The areas of research include evolution and development, stem cell biology, gene regulation, neurobiology, bioinformatics, genomics, ecology etc.

1.Developed DNA fingerprinting in India.
2.Discovered origin of Andaman tribes.
3.Developed the first genetically engineered knockout mouse in India.
4.Developed a disease resistant variety of Samba mansuri rice.
5.Delhi- Institute of genomics and Integrated biology is located in Delhi.
6.Nagpur- Central Citrus research institute is located at Nagpur.
7.Mumbai- Tata institute of fundamental research is located in Mumbai.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: The motto of CCMB is service to the nation. It has solved various high profile criminal cases using the DNA fingerprinting technology. It is one of the best institutes in India both in academia and research. The scientists working in this institute have received several national and international awards and honours.