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The boiling water of pure water is?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: We must have to remember that temperature can be measured in two units Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit. The atmospheric pressure for boiling normal water is 1atm. Boiling point of the liquid depends upon the atmospheric pressure of the surrounding area. The advisable drinking water which is pure is distilled water.

Complete answer:
We have to know that pure water is very difficult to exist in nature since many impurities affect the nature of water. Water is the only thing in earth’s crust that exists in all the three forms which are solid, liquid and gas. Ice is the solid form of water, water exists naturally in liquid form and vapors are the gaseous phase of water. $100\% $ pure water is not advisable for drinking as it is not fit for humans. The advisable drinking water which is pure is distilled or deionised water that has no minerals or ions in it. Boiling point can be studied in two ways which says that the boiling state of any liquid arises when a liquid phase is changed to vapor phase and the other defining boiling point is that when a liquid boils its pressure becomes equal to the surrounding pressure. The boiling point of water is \[100^\circ C\] OR \[212^\circ F\].

We must remember that the boiling point of water depends on certain properties like the boiling point of pure water increases when a substance like sugar or salt is added to it. Also as we discussed above about the definition of boiling point this says about pressure. So on increasing the pressure boiling point of water also increases.