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The bird ‘Dodo’ became extinct because of
(A) Its beautiful feathers
(B) Its flesh
(C) Its curved beak
(D) Its melodious song

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Hint:The scientific name of Dodo is Raphus cucullatus. It is the flightless bird that was once endemic to Mauritius Island which is located in the east of the Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It has the closest living relative which is Nicobar pigeon.

Complete answer:
Hunting is the operation of killing the birds and the animals mainly for any of its use like flesh, feathers, skin, ivory and other uses. The government has banned this due to the extinction of the wildlife and also maintains biodiversity for the existence of all the living organisms. Hence the dodo is also extinct mainly because of the hunting by the people of Dutch. They are hunted for their flesh.

Since the dodo was a flightless bird they could be easily hunted and killed for its flesh. The increase in the poaching and also predation made this bird no more. Hence dodo birds become extinct because of its flesh. Till now there is no single complete dodo specimen. So it is difficult to determine the color and the external appearance of it.

Thus the correct answer is option (B).

Note:In order to save the wild life animals and the birds, the government has enacted many laws and rules. It also started many wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and the biosphere reserves and allotted the separate protected areas for the wildlife.