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The average temperature of the human body is
A. $30.5^\circ C$
B. $36.9^\circ C$
C. $98.6^\circ F$
D. $97.4^\circ C$

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: The normal human temperature is the normal range of temperature that is found on humans. The normal temperature of the human body varies with gender, age, time of the day, health status etc.

Complete answer:
The normal human body temperature is $98.6^\circ F$. The normal range of body temperature is supported by the thermoregulation, in which the central nervous system gives the command to regulate the temperature of the body. The normal human temperature is detected by the instrument known as a thermometer. The normal human temperature also varies concerning at which part of the body the temperature is being detected. The temperatures are detected from the different parts such as the rectum, the mouth, under the arm etc.
The thermoregulation is a part of a homeostatic mechanism that maintains the temperature of the body at the optimum temperature. The temperature has an impact on the rate of chemical reaction of the body and not a single person has the same temperature at every time of the day. The temperature cycle is maintained by the cardiac rhythm of humans.
Hence, the normal temperature of the human is $98.6^\circ F$.

Note: Among the people of India, the normal temperature of the humans ranges from $97.5^\circ F$ to $99.5^\circ F$. The temperature of the body higher than the normal body temperature is considered as the fever.