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The activity of alkaline earth metals as reducing agent:
A) Decreases from $Be$ to$Ba$.
B) Increases from $Be$ to$Ba$
C) Increases from $Be$ to$Ca$ and Decreases from $Ca$ to$Ba$.
D) Decreases from $Be$ to$Ca$ and Increases from $Ca$ to$Ba$

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Hint: We know that all the alkaline earth metals have two electrons in their valence shell, so they lose two electrons to frame cations with a \[ + 2\] charge. The greater part of the science has been noticed distinctly for the initial five individuals from the gathering; the science of radium isn't grounded because of its radioactivity. The basic metals have the second-most minimal first ionization energies in their separate times of the intermittent table. This is because of their low viable atomic charges and the capacity to achieve a full external shell design by losing only two electrons. The second ionization energy of the entirety of the basic metals is likewise fairly low.

Complete answer:
We know that the electronic configuration of alkaline earth metals is \[n{s^2}\]. So, they have a propensity to free electrons so they are lessening agents. As we drop down, electronegativity diminishes so decreasing nature increases. Hence option B is correct.
Additional note:
The entirety of the basic earth metals, with the exception of magnesium and strontium, have at any rate one normally happening radioisotope: beryllium-$7$ , beryllium-$10$ , and calcium-$41$ are following radioisotopes. Calcium-$48$ and barium-$130$ have extremely long half-lives and subsequently happen normally. All isotopes of radium are radioactive.

The soluble earth metals are sparkling, brilliant white and fairly responsive metals at standard temperature and pressing factor.
All the soluble earth metals promptly lose their two furthest electrons to frame cations with a \[ + 2\] charge.
The entirety of the soluble earth metals aside from magnesium and strontium has in any event one normally happening radioisotope.
Magnesium and calcium are omnipresent and crucial for all known living creatures.