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The ability to move from one place to another is called as
a. Locomotion
b. Tropic movement
c. Nastic movement
d. None of the above

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Hint: The act of the organisms, either unicellular or multicellular organisms, where it propels the organism to move from one place to another place by oneself is said to be the movement, In the case of multicellular organisms this locomotion is in different forms such as walking, running, crawling, etc,

Complete answer:
This locomotion mainly depends on the area they are living
- It’s different in different animals such as terrestrial and aquatic.
- In the case of terrestrial animals, the locomotion is usually said to be the terrestrial locomotion, where the animals have so many adaptations.
- In some land animals, the adaptations are the presence of strong upper and lower limbs which is useful for walking, running, jumping, etc.
- In the case of land animals without any of these adaptations, such as snakes, they are capable of slithering on the floor for their movement.
- When it comes to animals which are living in water such as fish, they have special adaptations such as fins, which are helpful for locomotion.
- In the case of unicellular organisms, the movement is different from one another, in the case of amoeba the locomotion is mainly by pseudopodia, whereas in other unicellular organisms such as paramecium and all, there are different things such as cilia and flagella, mainly utilize for the locomotory movements.
- When it comes to other options such as tropic movement, it is a movement that is induced in the plants, which occurs mainly due to external stimuli.
- Nastic movement also occurs in the plants, where the stimuli are the external and also diffused and commonly observed in the nocturnal conditions.

Hence, The correct answer is option (A).

Note: Tropic and nastic movements are the vital movements that are mainly seen in plants, and the locomotion is the movement of the organism from one area to another with the help of the locomotory adaptations.