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Terylene is a condensation polymer of Ethylene glycol and ____________.
A) Salicylic acid
B) Phthalic acid
C) Benzoic acid
D) Terephthalic acid

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Hint: The polymer used in this polymerisation condensation process is easily available and easy to do esterification with the polymer and in this process catalyst used is zinc acetate and antimony trioxide.

Complete step by step answer:
Terylene is a condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and Terephthalic acid
Terylene is the product of condensation polymerisation, In this polymerisation repetitive condensation takes place between two bi-functional monomers known as ethylene glycol and Terephthalic acid and produces high molecular mass condensation polymers. So it is prepared by the condensation polymerization of ethylene glycol and Terephthalic acid with removal of water. This reaction is performed at temperature 420-460 K in the presence of a catalyst such as zinc acetate and antimony trioxide.
Terylene is also called Dacron,Terylene is also called polyester.
Polymerisation reaction for the preparation of Terylene:

In the given 4 options, the only choice is Terephthalic acid it is because
 Purified terephthalic acid available at lower cost and very easy and within less time direct esterification process can be done.
Properties of Terylene
Terylene is strong fibre and but this fibre loss its strength when it dipped in water
It is elastic in nature
Terylene can wash very easily and dries quickly.
It does not get damaged by acidic substances
Bleaches or dry cleaning agents cannot damage the terylene.
Use of Terylene-
Terylene used to prepare clothes like sarees, tapestry and dress material.

The Terylene is also called as Dacron and polyester and alcohol group in ethylene glycol and carboxylic acid group changes into ester group.