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What is the term used for the solution that obeys Raoult’s law?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Ideal mixtures or solutions are defined as the solutions and mixtures which follow the thermodynamic properties analogous to ideal gas. The enthalpy of mixing of such a mixture is zero and also the net volume remains zero and isn't affected by its own particles.

Complete answer:
Raoult’s law states that vapour pressure of a volatile component in a given solution is given by ${p_i} = {p_ \circ }{x_i}$. In the solution of gas and liquids, one of the components is so volatile that it cant exist as a solution and exists as a gas. We can say that the partial pressure of the volatile component in the solution is equal to the mole fraction of that component in the solution.
${p_ \circ }$ can be defined as the total pressure of the gas when it and only it is present in the container.
By Raoult’s law we can say that a graph starting at zero can be drawn to represent this principle where when the mole fraction is zero the partial pressure above the solution is zero and when the partial pressure ${p_ \circ }$, gas and only that gas is present in the container.
Now for a solution to actually obey all these laws, the enthalpy of mixing the pure components to form a solution has to be zero and the change in the volume of the mixing has to be zero. These are the conditions that are always obeyed by an ideal solution.
Ideal solution is the term used for the solution that obeys Raoult’s Law.

There are few mixtures which when mixed with each other release heat or sometimes some solutions need energy to get mixed with each other. These solutions or mixtures are called non-ideal solutions.