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Teredo is called
A.Elephants Tusk shell
B. Slug
C. Temple shell
D. Shipworm

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint:Teredo is frequently found in wooden ships. Teredo burrows through the wood, creating a tunnel and feeding on the wood.

Complete Answer:
Molluscs constitute the second largest animal phylum. Molluscs are land or marine organisms with an organ-system level of organisation. The body is enclosed by a calcareous shell and has a distinct head, a muscular foot and a visceral hump.

Tusk shell, also known as elephant tusk, elephant's tooth, or tooth shell, refers to any of the various marine mollusks of the Scaphopoda class. A slug is a mollusk that has a loose body and does not have a shell.

Shipworms, also called 'termites of the sea' belong to the genus Teredo, the most prominent of which is TeredoNavalis, originally native to the Caribbean Sea. It is a clam that tunnels through submerged wood in the water. Also known as naval worms, teredo navalis is a type of saltwater inhabiting mollusks that survives by consuming wood. The head of the worms is like a drill bit, and they will bite their way through wood, which is normally either immersed in water or next to it. Shipworms are filter feeders that use this system at the larval stage, but wood is the primary dietary portion of at least one species using wood as its sole food supply.

Thus, the correct answer is option D i.e., Shipworm.

Note:Shipworms are wood borers, both shielded and fed by the wood they live in. They have ctenidia and are capable of filtering food out of the sea. They eat the wood when extending their burrows.