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Tendons and ligaments are specialized types of?

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: Tendons and ligaments are examples of the connective tissues. Tendon helps to join the bone or the cartilage to muscles to help in locomotion and the ligaments are the specialized structure that connects bone to bone and make the structural framework of the body.

Complete answer:
The connective tissues are the tissues that make the body connected with the help of areolar tissues, dense regular connective tissues, skeletal tissues, vascular tissues and the adipose tissues. This helps the body in locomotion, structural framework, communication and many more.
The dense regular connective tissues examples are tendons and ligaments. So they both have the entire feature similar, that is there will be presence of fibroblast cells that will make collagen, fibroblast fibers and also the matrix present in the extracellular region. The difference between the tendon and ligaments is that the tendon joins the bone to muscles whereas the ligaments join the bone to bone and give stability to the structure. Locomotion and stability arises from the help of two types of fibers, one is collagen fibers that give stability and strength to the structure and the one is the elastin fibers that provide flexibility and elasticity to the body.

So, the tendons and ligaments are the specialized types of fibrous connective tissue as it have collagen fibers tough band that makes it a stable structure.

The tendons and ligaments are specialized connective tissue, the injury causes tearing of structure and makes it prone to further injury. These small injuries in the tendon make it bigger over the time and thus, lead to inflammation of tendon.