Teeth in frog are
D)Both A and B

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Hint: The hard and calcified structures which are found in the jaw are known as teeth.
The roots of the teeth are covered by gums.

Complete answer:
As frogs are carnivorous, they need teeth for various reasons. Frogs generally use their teeth for gripping on their food, instead of chewing it. Their teeth help them have a better grip at larger preys.

Option a: Teeth of frog are the same, thus they have homodont dentition.
Option b: Teeth of frog are also acrodont, as they need a good grip over their prey. Acrodont teeth are found attached on the upper jaw bone.
Option c: As all teeth in frogs are the same, frogs don't have heterodont dentition. Therefore, this is the incorrect option.
Option d: As both option a and b are correct as seen from the explanation given above. Therefore, this is the correct option.

Thus, the correct option is (d) Both A and B.

Note:The teeth of frogs are also polydont as they are replaced multiple times in their lifetime.