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Study the following statements regarding significance of botanical gardens and select the incorrect one.
A. These help in growing important plants of local flora and keeping their record.
B. These help in providing living plant material for research work.
C. These help in growing and maintaining rare and endangered plants
D. None of these

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Hint: Originally, the Botanical Garden, also known as the Botanical Garden, was a collection of living plants mainly intended to demonstrate relationships between plant groups. In modern times, most botanical gardens are mainly concerned with the display of ornamental plants, in a framework that emphasizes natural relationships as much as possible.

Complete answer:
Botanic gardens are helping to:
• Provision of plant material for taxonomic comparative studies.
• Acting as acclimatization centers for economically valuable tropical plants.
• To evolve and keep records of local flora.
• Providing various research work with seeds and living materials.
• The cultivation and management and endangerment of plants.

Maintaining large collections of plants, labelled with traditional and scientific names and regions of origin, is a major contemporary goal of botanical gardens. Botanical gardens are repositories of valuable heritage characteristics that are theoretically important for the reproduction of new plant varieties. For trained researchers, the larger collections of living plants are a formidable resource, but, more importantly, they provide the general public with a rich opportunity to learn more about plants and how to cultivate them. Sometimes, according to the geographical origin of plants, botanical gardens, or parts of them, are planned. Not infrequently, within the larger garden, the arrangement is based on small, specific gardens such as rose, iris, rock, wildflower, and Japanese landscape gardens. Botanical gardens can vary from a few to several hectares in size.

So all the above statements are regarding the significance of botanical gardens.
Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: Botanical gardens are increasingly recognized as among the essential cultural resources of developed nations as world populations grow more urbanized. Botanical gardens give the city dweller part of the natural environment to which they no longer have access; in addition, they offer a mental break from population pressure and suggest new interests and hobbies linked to the natural world.