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Last updated date: 01st Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

What is stress and what are causes of stress?

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Hint: Stress is nothing but the body reactions to the things happening, it may be emotional or physical, and stress can be good or bad, sometimes stress occur as a little burst, in a positive manner in order to avoid the dangerous situations, so stress for a short-term as helpful, but stress for the long term is very dangerous to health

Complete answer:
The stress is mainly due to any factors, and primarily this stress is classified into 2 types, they are
> Acute stress: This is the stress that our body experiences for a very short period, and later it goes away.
- Causes for Acute stress:
Any excitement, or if one suddenly bumps by a speed breaker, not finishing the homework by time or sometimes our skins show when we slope steeply all of sudden, in any sudden happy situations, etc.

> Chronic stress: Stress is good if it is present for a short term, but in people, it won’t happen like that, it lasts for a long time.
- Causes for Chronic stress:
Any financial problems, or any problems at the workplace and personal life problems, may cause stress, if it lasts for a month or more then we call it chronic stress. Too much stress is one of the causes of many diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, obesity, and depression, anxiety, and in females, it causes menstrual problems.

Note: Stress is not something that happens all of the sudden, it has again 5 stages, which include alarm, resistance, possible recovery, adaptation, and burnout. If people do not identify this and not try to overcome it, it may affect their health.