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Street virus affects
a. Kidney
b. C.N.S.
c. Lungs
d. Eyes

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Hint: Rabies virus commonly causes inflammation in the brain.
Rabies vaccine was firstly discovered by Louis Pasteur. The vaccine contains inactivated rabies virus.

Complete answer:
In order to solve this question, we need to know about street viruses and fixed viruses.
A virus is a connecting link between living and non-living things, as it requires a living cell for the process of replication.
The Rabies virus is classified into two groups- street virus and fixed virus.

> The street virus is the rabies virus which is recovered naturally from the patient of the rabies.
- It is naturally found in the saliva of the infected animal.
- The incubation period of street rabies is 21-60 days.
- The incubation period is the time period between exposure to the disease and the appearance of first symptoms of the disease.
- The street rabies is pathogenic for all mammals like humans, dogs, cats etc.
- It can be spread by the biting of another animal or a person.
- The street rabies produces Negri bodies (which are rounded, eosinophilic inclusion bodies, found in the cytoplasm of nerve cells of an infected animal).
- The street rabies cannot be used for the production of vaccines.
- They directly affect the central nervous system of the organism and cause phobia for the water. It also causes anxiety, comma, brain death, excess salivation in the affected organism.

> The fixed rabies are viruses whose virulence and incubation period have been stabilized.
- Virulence is the degree of pathogenicity.
- The fixed viruses can be produced in the laboratory.
- The incubation period for fixed rabies is 4-6 days.
- They can be pathogenic for only humans under certain specific conditions.
- They do not produce any Negri bodies.
- The fixed viruses are used for the production of anti rabies vaccines.

Hence, The correct answer is option (C).

Note: Rabies is also known as hydrophobia as the patient develops phobia for the water. It is commonly transmitted through dog bite.
The five doses of rabies vaccine can be administered on days 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28 into the deltoid muscles (present in the uppermost region of the arm and shoulder).