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Stilt roots are
A. Primary root
B. Adventitious root
C. Secondary root
D. Tap root

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Hint: The plants have different parts than involved in different functions for their development. The leaves are involved in the photosynthesis process, the stems are involved in the transportation and conduction of water, food, and nutrients to every part of the plant body, and the roots are involved in providing support and absorbs nutrients from the soil for the growth of the plant.

Complete Answer:
- The roots are mostly the first structure to form from a seed. It involves the absorption of minerals and water from the soil for transportation to the other parts of plants. The structure of root is composed of root cap that has parenchyma cells for the protection of root tissue during its growth.

- The root cap has many layers like epidermal layer, then cortex, it is made of ground tissues, it is found between the epidermis and vascular tissue of the root. The inner boundary of the cortex is the endodermis; this is a part of the cell wall and consists of a waterproof strip termed a casparian strip. The next layer of root cap is pericycle found next to the epidermis towards the center of the root, this tissue involved in the formation of lateral root. The function of the root cap is to protect the delicate stem cells inside the root tip and transmit and receive the environmental signals to the growing root because of this function the root cap is found in the very tip of the root.

- The roots are of two types; dicot root and monocot roots. The dicot roots includes tap root and monocot includes fibrous root which is also considered as fibrous root. The tap root consists of many small lateral roots attached with the central roots, such types of roots are found in china rose, beetroot, mustards, carrot, and all dicot plants. The fibrous or the adventitious roots consist of moderate root branches developed from the stem of the plants, such types of roots are found in marigold, wheat, rice, maize, banyan, and all monocot plants.

- Now, stilt roots are adventitious roots that develop in obliquely downward direction from the basal nodes of the stems and attach to the soil. Such types of roots are found in plants that grow near the pond or the bank of a river. Stilt roots involve many functions like it facilitates the rapid vertical growth to the canopy and increases the mechanical stability.

Thus, the correct option is ‘B’. Adventitious root.

Note: The prop roots are also adventitious roots but they develop in a vertically downward direction from the horizontally spread branches of the tree. Trees like banyan and rubber plants have prop roots.