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Statement: The chemical formula for silver chloride is AgCl.
State whether the given statement is true or false.
A. True
B. False

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Hint: AgCl is a chemical compound which is a crystalline solid. It is white in colour. The symbol we use for silver is Ag which comes from its latin name Argentum. The stable oxidation state of silver is +1.

Formula used:

Complete step by step answer:
- Formula of AgCl, is also known as Chlorargyrite formula, as AgCl occurs naturally as a mineral chlorargyrite.
AgCl is an inorganic salt which consists of a cation $\left( A{{g}^{+}} \right)$and an anion$\left( C{{l}^{-}} \right)$ The chemical or we can say the molecular formula of Silver Chloride is AgCl.
- The oxidation state of Ag in AgCl is +1 and the oxidation state of Cl in AgCl is -1. Thus they form a stable compound and their formula on cross multiplication of their oxidation states is AgCl.
- AgCl is having low solubility in water. 
- AgCl on heating, converts into silver and chlorine, which is observed by grey to black or purplish coloration in samples.
-Silver chloride is found to be synthesized by combining aqueous solutions of silver nitrate and chloride. We can see from the reaction:
\[AgN{{O}_{3}}+NaCl\to AgCl\downarrow +NaN{{O}_{3}}\]
- It is found that AgCl is soluble in ammonia, hydrochloric, and potassium bromide solution, alkali cyanide. Whereas, it does not dissolve in alcohols, water and dilute acids
- AgCl is toxic due to which it is very harmful to the environment. It is corrosive to metals. The toxic nature of AgCl is also dangerous to the wildlife in rivers. It causes various diseases in humans like: it causes irritation to skin and eyes, Irritation in the respiratory system etc.
- There are several uses of AgCl found, some of them are:
- It is widely used in photography and in making bandages and also various wound healing products
- It is also used as a common reference electrode in electrochemistry.
- AgCl is used preservation of drinking water in water tanks for long-term.

Hence, we can conclude that the correct option is (A), the chemical formula for silver chloride is AgCl.

Note: - In solid state, it is found that silver chloride develops a crystalline structure, with each of the silver cations being surrounded by six chloride anions, and has an octahedral geometry.