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Statement $I:$A molecule of ethyne is linear.
Statement $II:$The carbon atoms in ethyne are $sp$ hybridized.
$A)$True, True CE
$B)$True, True
$C)$True, False
$D)$False, True
$E)$False, False

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Hint: The hybridization in ethyne is similar to the hybridization in magnesium hydride. For each carbon, the $2s$ orbital hybridizes with one of the $2p$ orbitals to form two $sp$ hybridized orbitals. The first bond consists of $sp - sp$ orbital overlap between the two carbons.

Complete answer:
The molecular geometry about a carbon atom in an organic molecule depends on the number of atoms bonded to the carbon.
Ethyne molecule is linear because the two carbon atoms forming the single bond in ethyne have an angle of $180$ degrees between them that form a straight line. Both of these carbon atoms are $sp$hybridized and overlap in a linear fashion.
Both the carbon atoms are triply bonded here, which means that both of them have formed $1$ sigma and $2$ pi bonds, which means both the $C$ atoms have two sets of unhybridized atomic $p$ orbitals
which undergo parallel overlap in order to give rise to the two pi bonds between the already sigma-bonded $sp - $hybridised C atoms.
So, the correct answer is $A)$True, True CE
Approximately $20\% $ of acetylene is supplied by the industrial gases industry for oxyacetylene gas welding and cutting due to the high temperature of the flame. Acetylene is not especially toxic, but when generated from calcium carbide, it can contain toxic impurities such as traces
of phosphine and arsine, which give it a distinct garlic-like smell.

Ethyne, which is commonly called acetylene, is the simplest alkyne. Historically, it was prepared by reacting calcium carbide with water. Today, ethyne is normally prepared by the pyrolysis of methane. In this procedure, a stream of methane gas is briefly heated to ${1500^ \circ }C$ in an airless chamber.