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Statement – 1: Initially the pseudo solid was known as the solids which were easily distorted by bending and compression forces. They even tend to flow slowly under their own weight and lose shape.
Statement – 2: These characteristics are shown by the pseudo solids as in pitch, glass and thus, the name pseudo solid was replaced by the supercooled liquids.
Which of the following options is correct?
A.1 is correct but 2 is wrong
B.1 is wrong but 2 is correct
C.Both 1 and 2 are correct and 2 is the correct explanation of 1
D.Both 1 and 2 are correct but 2 is not the correct explanation of 1

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Hint: The amorphous solids which have ability to flow are known as the pseudo solids. These are the solids which resembles as liquids in many criteria. Due to this they are referred to as super – cooled liquids.

Complete Step by step answer: Solids can be classified into two which are – Crystalline solids and Amorphous Solids. The crystalline solid can be defined as the solid which consists of large number of small crystals. In these types of solids, each crystal has definite characteristic geometrical shape while the amorphous solids can be defined as the solids which consists of the particles of irregular shape. The arrangement of particles in these types of solids has short range order. Like liquids the amorphous solids have the tendency to flow. Hence, sometimes these solids are referred as pseudo solids or can also be termed as super – cooled liquids.
The pseudo solids resemble as liquids in many aspects. These types of solids flow very slowly at room temperature and therefore are considered as super – cooled liquids. For example – Glass etc.
Glass flows down as liquids and due to this glass windows panes of ancient monuments are found to be thicker at the bottom.
Hence, statement 1 and 2 both are correct but statement 2 is not the correct explanation of statement 1.

Therefore, the correct option is (D).

Note: Pseudo solids have much less restricted motion when they are compared with crystalline solids. Hence, due to gravitational effect some molecules are pulled and since its motion is less restricted in glass the molecules go downwards.