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State whether true or false- The motion of the Moon around the Earth in a circular path is an accelerated motion.
A. True
B. False

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:A circular motion persists in that motion due to continuous acceleration. Otherwise, the body here on the moon would not follow a circular path and might fall into the center of orbit due to the gravitational force of Earth.

Complete answer:
 The given statement is true. That is, the motion of the Moon around the Earth in a circular path is an accelerated motion. As explained above in the hint, in a circular motion, the direction of velocity is continuously changing, which in turn causes change in acceleration. Hence, making the motion of the Moon around Earth, an accelerated motion.

Hence, the correct option is A.

Additional information:
From Newton’s laws of motion we know that when a force is applied on a body, the body accelerates in the direction of applied force. And from the law of gravitation we know that the earth exerts a gravitational force on the moon. Therefore, we can say that the earth exerts a centripetal force in the form of gravitational force, on the moon due to which the moon undergoes a circular motion with some centripetal acceleration.

Note:Keep in mind the basics of circular motion, and that a circular motion persists when the body is in constant acceleration. When a body is in a circular motion (uniform or non uniform), there is a force exerted on the body that attracts it towards the centre of the circular path. This force is called the centripetal force. The centripetal force is responsible for the circular motion of the body.