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State whether true or false:
Carnot cycle is a reversible cycle,
A. True
B. False

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:First study and understand what a carnot cycle is. Then it will be easy for you to answer this question. To answer this question you must also know what a reversible cycle is. Reversible cycle is a cycle in which the cycle can be reversed.

Complete answer:
Let us first understand what a carnot cycle is. Carnot cycle is an ideal thermodynamic cycle in which the working gas undergoes four thermodynamic processes maintained between two different temperatures. It consists of four successive reversible thermodynamic processes. At first, the working gas undergoes an isothermal expansion, in which the volume of the gas is expanded by keeping it at a constant temperature.

Then the working gas goes under adiabatic expansion, in which the volume of the gas is expanded adiabatically. The third process is isothermal compression followed by adiabatic compression. Since all the processes are reversible, a carnot cycle is reversible. Hence, the given statement is correct.

Therefore, the correct option is A.

Note: It gives an estimate of the maximum possible efficiency that any heat engine can possess during conversion of heat into work. The efficiency of such an engine is independent of the nature of the working substance, instead only depends on the temperature of the two hot and cold reservoirs. Its efficiency is considered ideal, and hence the efficiency of power conversion systems in the real world is always less than that of a Carnot cycle.Note that there cannot be such a heat engine that can have an efficiency of 100%.