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State the method to separate ammonium chloride from a mixture of ammonium chloride and potassium chloride.
a. Sedimentation
b .Sublimation
c. Magnetic separation
d. Solvent extraction

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Hint :In order to answer this question let us first understand about mixtures. A mixture is a substance composed of two or more distinct substances that have not been chemically combined. A mixture is a physical mixture of two or more substances that keep their identities when being mixed as liquids, suspensions, or colloids.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
Sublimation is used to isolate ammonium chloride from potassium chloride because ammonium chloride is sublimate and sublimes, leaving potassium chloride behind. Sublimation is the mechanism by which a solid transforms into vapours when heated, and vapours transform back into solids when cooled without being liquid.
Hence , from the above data it is clear that we can separate ammonium chloride from a mixture of ammonium chloride and potassium chloride by sublimation method.
It's also worth noting that both of these compounds can be sublimated. Since the sublimable temperatures of ammonium and potassium chloride vary greatly, this technique is very feasible in this situation. Ammonium chloride has a lower sublimable temperature than the other two. As a result, it is the first to sublime, followed by potassium chloride.
So, the correct option is: (b) Sublimation.

Note :
To function, sublimation requires a pure and volatile material. It will not sublimate if the material is not volatile. Sublimation may be aided by the presence of other substances if the material is not pure.
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