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State Newton's first law of motion. Why is it called the law of inertia?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: Now we are going to learn Newton's first law of motion and its law of inertia. For that, first of all we have to learn about Newton's law, then its law and law of inertia.

Complete answer:
Newton’s first law states that motion of an object for which all the forces are balanced. In the first law it states that an object will not change its motion until some force is acted upon.
If a body or object remains at rest or moving with constant speed moving in a straight line unless it acts upon a certain force. Every material of a body has some virtue, the change in state of rest or in state of motion, this property is called inertia.
Inertia is the direction of an object which remains constant. The resistance for an object or body changes by its state of motion.
In our daily life we can see many examples for law of inertia, here are some of the examples those are, Tends to move forward when a sudden break is applied,
Dusting bed with groom and dust is removed due to law of inertia,
An athlete taking a long jump after a short run,
Above are some of the examples of the law of inertia.

Note: Newton’s law states that the body remains constant until some force applied on it is called Newton's first law. From this law we can learn some of the examples in our daily life like basketball games and so on… we already learn the law of inertia examples in our daily life.