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Spindle fibers attach on to
A)Telomere of the chromosomes
B)Kinetochore of the chromosomes
C)Centromere of the chromosomes
D)Kinetosome of the chromosomes

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Hint: It assembles at the centromeric region of the chromosome. It is a giant,multi-layered protein structure and it is the place where spindle fiber is attached during cell division and its protein also helps to hold the sister chromatids together.

Complete answer:
Spindle fibers- it forms a protein structure and divides the genetic material in a cell.during board types of cell division that is mitosis and meiosis, spindle fibers divide the chromosomes in a parental cell into two daughter cells. Spindle fibers are called mitotic spindle during mitosis and meiotic spindle during meiosis.
-When the nuclear division begins, centrioles move to the opposite ends of the cell forming cell poles and microtubules (long protein fibers) extend from the centriole in all the directions. This protein fiber is called spindle fibers.
-Kinetochores is a protein complex. Some microtubules (spindle fibers)help to attach the pores to the chromosome by connecting to kinetochores. Kinetochores located in the middle of chromosomes around Centromeres.

Additional Information: Other microtubules extend to the opposite end of a chromosome or bind to the chromosome arms. During Metaphase of cell division, chromosomes coming to lie at the equator with one chromatid connected by kinetochores to spindle fibers from one pole and its sister chromatid connected by it's kinetochores to spindle fiber from the opposite pole.
-some important points made by cells to ensure that all the chromosomes are attached to the spindle fiber and they are ready to divide before it proceeds with the division.
-during anaphase centromere split and chromatid separate and chromatid move to opposite poles.

So, the correct answer is," kinetochore of the chromosomes".
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Note: Cell division is a very important process in all living organisms. During cell division DNA replication and growth of cells takes place and all these have to take place in a coordinated way to ensure correct division and formation of progeny cells.
-The event which takes place in a cell by which a cell duplicates its genome and eventually divides into two daughter cells is called the cell cycle. These events are under genetic control.