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Soda water bottles sealed under high pressure. Give reason.

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint:Soda water has carbon dioxide gas which is dissolved in it. One can analyze the process and relate it with the chemistry and describe the law used for this purpose and the reason behind it.

Complete answer:
1) First of all we will learn about soda water which is a carbonated drink. It has carbon dioxide gas dissolved in it which makes the drink an aerated drink.
2) The carbon dioxide gas is filled in the soda water at very high pressure and sealed as the solubility of the gases in liquid increases with the high pressure.
3) Now let's see the science of chemistry concept in this chemical process. This process of dissolution of gases in liquid at high pressure is based on Henry’s law.
4) According to Henry's law, the mass of a gas dissolved in a unit volume of the liquid at constant temperature is directly proportional to the pressure of the gas present in equilibrium with the liquid. We can write this law in a mathematical form as below,
$m \propto p$
Now taking the K value as constant we can write the above equation as,
$m = kp$
${\text{m = }}$ Mass of the gas which is dissolved in a unit volume of the liquid
${\text{p = }}$ The pressure of the gas which is present in equilibrium with the liquid
${\text{k = }}$ Proportionality constant
5) Therefore, Soda water bottles are sealed under high pressure.

Under high pressure the solubility of gas of carbon dioxide in liquid results in the formation of carbonic acid. The reaction for the same is as follows,
$C{O_2} + {H_2}O\xrightarrow{{{\text{High pressure}}}}{H_2}C{O_3}$
The carbonated soda drinks are also called aerated drinks which means gas dissolved in liquid.