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Social therapy of mental illness is required for
A) Treatment of psychosis
B) Maintenance of community health
C) Rehabilitation of mentally ill people
D) Prevention of addiction

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Hint: Social therapy is a kind of group therapy done for patients with psychological disorders. In group therapies, discussions and activities for patients are used by clinicians and psychologists as well as social workers.

Complete answer:
Social therapy involves processes that help a patient function better within his or her environment. It is used for those who are in institutions and utilises activities that are occupational and recreational, and also occasionally educational. In this way the environment of the institution becomes like a supportive, therapeutic community.
For the treatment of psychosis, more than group therapies, one on one interaction between the doctor and the patient are preferred. Option A is incorrect.
Social therapies do not have a direct role to play in the maintenance of community health. Option B is not correct.

As such group therapies help the patient adjust and interact with other members of his or her community, social therapies are very beneficial in rehabilitating mentally ill people back into the world outside the hospital. Option C is the correct answer.
Group therapies are not used in the prevention of addiction though they are used in the treatment of addiction, with social groups like alcoholics anonymous. These are usually organised by those suffering from the addiction, and not my medical staff.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: Most methods of group therapy are directed at creating environments where the patients can freely indulge in self-revelation. Like social therapy, these techniques help the individual interact with others they encounter in their daily lives.