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Snake dance due to the tune of snake charmer because
A. They are charmed by music
B. Snake charmers flute is very melodious.
C. They are trained like other pets.
D. They change position with the change in position of the flute.

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Hint: Snakes are the elongated reptiles. They are covered in scales and are cold blooded. They have no legs so they can’t walk instead they move by crawling.

Complete Answer:
Snake charming: Snake charming is the practice of hypnotizing a snake by playing around an instrument called a flute or ‘pungi’.
- Snake charming is a dangerous act. In India Historically the practice of snake charming was the profession of some tribesmen.
- Ancient Egypt was the home to one of the snake charming but it eventually spread throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East Asia and North Africa.
- Many snake charmers visit towns and villages on the occasion of any festival to show their performance of snake charming.

Snake’s reaction on the sound of pungi: Snakes do not have outer ears so they cannot hear the music of pungi.
- Instead snakes are able to sense the sound. Snakes follow the pungi that the snake charmer holds with his hands.
- The snake feels the pungi as a threat to itself, so in order to protect itself, the snake dances.
Therefore, it is clear from the above discussion that Snakes dance to the tune of snake charmer because they change position with the change in position of flute.

Hence, option D is the right answer for this question.

Note: Snake charming is so dangerous or violent. That’s why Indian Wildlife Act of 1972 actually banned this practice. But snake charmers show their disregard for the law and continue this process of snake charming.