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Small liquid droplets dispersed in another liquid are called:
A) Suspension
B) Emulsion
C) Gel
D) True solution

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Hint: We realize that if the scattered stage and scattering medium both are fluid, the colloidal solution is called an emulsion like milk, vanishing cream and so on.

Complete answer:
Suspension: We know that suspension is a combination of at least two parts. In a suspension, little bits of strength are blended in a fluid yet don't disintegrate. If left still, the strong pieces will isolate from the fluid and either tumble to the base or ascend to the top. Sand in water and flour in water are instances of suspensions.
Hence option A is incorrect.
Emulsion: An emulsion is a combination of at least two fluids that are typically immiscible attributable to fluid stage detachment. Albeit the terms colloid and emulsion are now and then utilized reciprocally, emulsion ought to be utilized when the two stages, scattered and persistent, are fluids. In an emulsion, one fluid is scattered in the other. Homogenized milk, fluid bimolecular condensates are some of the instances of emulsions.
Hence option B is correct.
Gel: A gel is a semi-strong that can have properties going from delicate and frail to hard and extreme. Gels are characterized as a generously weakened cross-connected framework, which shows no stream when in the consistent state. Hence option C is incorrect.
True solution: We know that the true solution is a combination of at least two than two substances. The solute can't be seen even with a magnifying lens. The particles are more
modest than 1 nanometer. Hence option D is incorrect.

Hence option B is correct.


Dispersed PhaseDispersion MediumNameExample
SolidSolidSolid solgems, alloys
SolidLiquidsolPaints, inks
SolidGasAerosolwhite of eggs mud
LiquidSolidGelCurds, pudding
LiquidLiquidEmulsionMilk, Cream
LiquidGasLiquid AerosolClouds, Mist