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How do you simplify the square root of “12” divided by “2”?

Last updated date: 03rd Mar 2024
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Hint: To find the square root we have to simplify the terms by factoring and then taking common of the pairs of the factors you can move further and calculate the square root, if factoring is not working then you can go through the square root method in which you have use the division method of finding the square root.

Complete step by step solution:
The given question has two parts, in the first part we have to solve for the division of the given two numbers, then after the result obtained needs the factoring method of finding the square root of the obtained number in the second part of the question.
Lets first complete the first part of the question that is division of the given two numbers, on solving we get:
\[ \Rightarrow 12 \div 2 = 6\]
Here we got the result of the first step, now moving to the second part of the question and applying the factoring method on the result to obtain the square root we get:
\Rightarrow square\,root\,of\,6 \\
\Rightarrow here\,factors\,of\,6\,are\,1,2,3 \\
\Rightarrow \sqrt 6 = \sqrt {1 \times 2 \times 3} = \sqrt 1 \times \sqrt 2 \times \sqrt 3 = 1 \times
1.414 \times 1.732 = 2.449 \\
This is our required result for the second part of the question that is the root of the number “6”.

Note: In the above question the number so obtained was small and easily factorized with very few factors, so here we can directly go through the factorization method, but for bigger numbers whose factors are not very easily found or having greater unpaired factors then the division method is more acceptable in that case.
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