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Siliqua fruit is a ripened .............ovary.
A)Bicarpellary superior
B)Tricarpellary syncarpous
C)Bicarpellary inferior
D)Monocarpellary superior

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Hint: Siliqua is the type of fruit present in the mustard family Brassicaceae. It is a type of dry fruit that separates into two or three segments at maturity. These segments are called valves. An example of siliqua is cabbage.

Complete answer:
To solve this question we must know about the siliqua fruit development.

A fruit is a ripened ovary. A fruit contains a seed which develops into a plant. Fruits are categorised into different types according to the origin.
Siliqua- It is a type of dry fruit present in the mustard family. It develops from two fused carpels with superior ovary. The ovary is one chambered but subsequently becomes two chambered due to the formation of false septum.
Pepo- It is a type of fleshy indehiscent fruit which is developed from tricarpellary syncarpous inferior ovary. Example melon, cucumber.
Cypsela- It is a dry indehiscent fruit developed from bicarpellary inferior ovary. Example sunflower.
Follicle- It is a fruit which is developed from monocarpellary superior ovary. Example milkweed.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A)

Note: The species of mustard family are mostly herbaceous plants with alternate leaf arrangement. It comprises flowering plants having 338 genera and 3700 species. The fruits of this family are called a silique. A typical siliqua which is an elongated capsule is present in cabbage whereas a short and broad silique is present in capsella.