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What is the significance of transpiration?
(a) Cooling of plant
(b) Uptake of the mineral solute with water
(c) Uptake of water by roots
(d) All of the above

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Like in humans we have evaporation of liquid in the form of gas, similarly plants discharge excess water in the form of transpiration. The process is not just confined to having one significance but it performs a variety of other functions which makes it an important process.

Complete answer:
What is transpiration?
 All green plants expect water to retain and move supplements and other basic minerals from the soil underneath through root knobs to various pieces of the plant. The process is performed by Transpiration as it assumes a significant function in the presence of plants.
In every single higher plant, Transpiration capacities as an excretory framework by taking out abundant water from its tissues through the airborne pieces of the plants.
The three unique sorts of Transpiration are-
• Stomatal- It includes the evaporation of water from the stomata of the plant leaves.
• Lenticular- Evaporation from lenticels (minute openings on the bark).
• Cuticular-Evaporation from the cuticles (waxy coating on the surface of leaves) of plants.

As talked about, Transpiration assumes a critical function by eliminating abundant water from the ethereal pieces of the plants. The Significance of Transpiration in plants incorporates:

• Keeps the cell bloated.
• Cools the outside of the leaves.
• Aides in development and improvement.
• It controls the temperature of the plants.
• Permits the development of minerals from the soil to various pieces of the plant.

The correct option is (d). All of the above options are correct.

Additional information: There are several factors which affect transpiration in plants such as-
• Cellular factors
• Environmental factors

Note: Remember the following points-
Transpiration performs several functions. It is one of the important characteristic features of plants.
 The process shares similarities with the process of evaporation so it should not be confused with it.