Sexual reproduction of plasmodium takes place in
A. Plasma of man
B. Liver cells of man
C. Mosquito body
D. Human RBC

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Hint:Plasmodium is a malarial parasite that causes malaria. Malarial parasites are carried by infected person to healthy person by female Anopheles mosquito.
Plasmodium completes its life cycle in two phases and in two hosts-Asexual phase and in the human host and sexual phase is in the female Anopheles mosquito host.

Complete answer:
A. Plasma of man: Plasma is straw fluid, it constitutes 55% of the blood plasma contains 90-92% of water and 6-8% proteins. It contains fibrinogen, globulins and albumins are major proteins.
B. Liver cells of man: Plasmodium enters the human body as sporozoites i.e. the infectious form when female Anopheles bites. The parasites initially multiply within the liver cells.
C. Mosquito body: When a female Anopheles mosquito bites an infected person, these parasites enter the mosquito’s body and undergo further development. The parasites multiply within them to form sporozoites that are stored in the salivary gland.
Sexual reproduction is fertilization and development takes place in the mosquito’s intestine.
D. Human RBC: The parasite when enters into the human body, then they firstly multiply in liver cells and then attack the red blood cells resulting in their rupture. The rupture of RBCs is associated with release of toxic substance hemozoin which is responsible for chill and high fever.

Hence the correct answer is option is (C) Mosquito’s body.

Note: Plasmodium, a tiny protozoan is responsible for malarial disease. Different species of plasmodium are P. Vivan, P. Malaria and P. falciparum.