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Select the correctly written scientific name of Mango which was first described by Carolus Linnaeus.
a) Mangifera indica Car. Linn.
b) Mangifera indica Linn .
c)Mangifera indica
d)Mangifera Indica

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Hint: The scientific naming is done on the naming system adopted universally. In this naming system the name of an organism is made using its genus name and its species name. This system of naming is effective as an organism can have many local names but has only one scientific name which can be used by everyone.

Complete answer:
 Carolus Linnaeus gave the binomial nomenclature system. in this type of nomenclature, the plants and the animals are named using Latin words. Due to which the names are either underlined when handwritten or are written in italics. The name of the organism is kept on the genus and species name which the organism belongs to. The genus name has the first letter written in capital and the rest written in small letters. The species name is also written in small letters and never in the capital letters. Some name of the organism also carries the name of the scientist who discovered or named them. The names of the scientists are written in short forms or in abbreviations. Mangifera indica Linn . is the scientific name of Mango. In this name, the Mangifera is the genus and indica is the species of mango. Linn. is the name of Carolus Linnaeus who coined this name.
So, the correct answer is ‘Mangifera indica Linn .’

Note: The binomial nomenclature is the naming system accepted universally by all the biologists. In this type of naming system, the organism is named on the basis of the genus and species epithet it belongs to.