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Secondary consumers are
A) Green plants
B) Herbivores
C) Carnivores
D) All of the above

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Hint:It is the topmost category in the trophic level which mainly depends upon other living organisms for their survival. It is less in number than other trophic levels (primary producer and primary consumers). It comprises mainly flesh eating animals like tiger, lion.

Complete Answer:
Food chain is the linear network in which there are different trophic levels present and each comprises different types of animals. There are different levels in the food chain. These are:
The lowest level in the food chain is known as primary producers that comprises grasses, trees, shrubs etc. It is having the maximum level of energy.
The second level in the food chain is known as the primary consumer that comprises all herbivores like cow, goat, horse etc. It is having energy less than primary producers but more than secondary consumers.
The third level in the food chain is known as the secondary consumer that comprises all carnivores like lion, tiger etc. Mostly, it is the topmost level in the food chain and having the least energy.

Additional information:According to Lindeman's 10% law, it is considered that during the transfer of energy from one trophic level to another trophic level , only 10% of energy gets transferred while the rest 90% is lost as heat in the surrounding. This is the reason that secondary consumers have less energy.

Thus the correct answer is option ‘C’ i.e. Carnivores.

Note:When the food chain gets interlinked then it forms a food web which comprises 2-3 food chain.Food chain is necessary for ecological balance and also for the flow of energy and nutrients.
In the food web, the nutrient's movement is cyclic in nature while energy flow is unidirectional and non-cyclic in nature.