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How many secondary carbon atoms are there in ${{\left( C{{H}_{3}} \right)}_{2}}CHC{{H}_{2}}CH{{\left( C{{H}_{3}} \right)}_{2}}$?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: A hydrocarbon chain may involve various carbon atoms. These are termed according to the carbon atoms attached adjacent to them. When a carbon has only one carbon atom attached, it is termed as primary carbon atom, while when it has 2 carbon atoms attached to it is called as secondary carbon atom. To recognize them a structural formula has to be drawn.

Complete answer:
A hydrocarbon long chain may have alkyl groups attached at various positions that define the nature of the attached carbon atoms as primary $1{}^\circ $, secondary $2{}^\circ $and tertiary $3{}^\circ $. There are hydrogen atoms attached with these carbon atoms that are also termed in the same way as primary, secondary, and tertiary.
We have been given a compound that has a formula ${{\left( C{{H}_{3}} \right)}_{2}}CHC{{H}_{2}}CH{{\left( C{{H}_{3}} \right)}_{2}}$, we have to identify the secondary carbon atoms. For this let’s see the structural formula and label the carbon atoms as, 1 to 5.
seo images

The secondary carbon atom is the carbon atom that is attached with two other adjacent carbon atoms. So the secondary carbon atom is carbon 3.
Hence, there is only 1 secondary carbon atom present in ${{\left( C{{H}_{3}} \right)}_{2}}CHC{{H}_{2}}CH{{\left( C{{H}_{3}} \right)}_{2}}$.

The compound is called 2, 4 – dimethyl pentane. In this given compound there are 2 primary carbon atoms that are 1 and 5 carbons that are attached with only one carbon atom. Similarly there are 2 tertiary carbon atoms that are carbon 2 and carbon 4 that have 2 carbon atoms attached to them.