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Why was the second Anglo Mysore War fought ?
A) Haider Ali declared a war against British for falling to help him against the Maratha.
B) British declared war against Haider Ali for attacking the marathas
C) Haider Ali attack differently princely states of British
D) None of these

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Hint: Haider Ali was an Ally of the British rule whereas the Britishers also wanted to restore peace with the Marathas. This created the conflict between Haider Ali and the British government.

Complete answer:
-Haider Ali declared war against British for falling to help him against Maratha.
-The Second Anglo Mysore war was fought between the kingdom of Mysore and the British East India company. Reward continuous 1708 to 1784.
-Mysore was a key French Ally in India.the conflict between Britain against the French and the Dutch in the American revolutionary war evoked the anglo-mysorean hostilities in India.
a large number of soldiers were trained and commanded by the company not the British government. -The company's operations were seized by the crown troops sent from Britain.
-The French port of Mahi was seized by the British in 1779.
-This was followed by the Mysore Ian ruler Haider Ali opening hostilities against the British in 1780. We had a successful campaign and the war began.
-As the word preceded the British recovered some territorial losses whereas both France and Britain sent troops from Europe to assist the war.
-In 1783 the preliminary peace between France and Britain resulted in the withdrawal of French support from the Mysorean war.
-The British sought to end the conflict and the British government ordered the company to secure peace with Mysore. This resulted in the 1784 treaty of Mangalore which restored the status quo ante bellum under the terms that was found and favourable by company officials like Warren Hastings.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘D’.

Note: The Treaty of Mangalore was signed between Tipu Sultan and the British East India Company on 11 March 1784. It was signed in Mangalore and brought an end to the Second Anglo-Mysore War.