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Say whether it is true or false.
The measure of a reflex angle$ > 180^\circ $.

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: To answer this question, you need to have a basic idea on different types of angles.
According to definition, reflex angle is the angle which is greater than $180^\circ $and less than $360^\circ $. So, the statement is true.
Note: When two lines intersect, at the point of intersection an angle is formed. There are various types of angles based on their measure of angle.
Acute angle: An angle which measures less than $9{0^ \circ }$.
Right angle: An angle which measures exactly $9{0^ \circ }$.
Obtuse angle: An angle that measures greater than $9{0^ \circ }$.
Straight angle: An angle which measures exactly $18{0^ \circ }$.
Reflex angle: The angle which measures greater than $18{0^ \circ }$ and less than $$36{0^ \circ }$$. The reflex angle can be calculated if the measure of the acute angle is given, as it is the complementary to the acute angle on the other side of the line.