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Sameera was driving a car with a uniform speed of $60kmph$ . Find the distance travelled by Sameera in $3\dfrac{1}{2}$ hours.

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Hint: When a car is being driven with uniform speed, it covers equal distance in equal time. Usually we would convert the given speed to standard units but since the time is also given in hours here, we can simply find the distance travelled in kilometres. We use the basic formula used for speed in physics and some very basic mathematics for these kinds of questions.
Formula used:
The formula used in this question is a formula we learnt in basic motion of any system in physics. It related speed of a body with the distance travelled and the time taken using the formula that can be mathematically represented as below
$s = \dfrac{d}{t}$
Where $s$ is the speed of the body and $d$ is the distance travelled with $t$ time taken.

Complete step by step solution:
It is given in the question that Sameera drives her car at a particular uniform speed. This means she covers equal distance in her car in equal time. If she covered, say $d$ kilometres in $t$ hours then she would again cover $d$ kilometres in next $t$ hours. The distance covered is determined by the speed of her car and the time she drives it.
The speed of her car is given as $60kmph$ and she drives her car at this particular speed for $3\dfrac{1}{2}$ hours. This means that $s = 60kmph$ and $t = 3.5hrs$
Therefore the distance travelled is
$d = s \times t$
$ \Rightarrow d = 60 \times 3.5$
$ \Rightarrow d = 210km$
Therefore Sameera travels $210km$ .

Usually, it should be the first step to convert the speed and time to standard units before we solve it. But since, the time and the speed are both given in the same units, we need not convert them and can simply answer the question in the given format.