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Ribs are attached to
A. Scapula
B. Sternum
C. Clavicle
D. Ilum

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Hint: The ribs are twelve thoracic vertebrae that structure the defensive 'cage' of the chest. They articulate with the vertebral segment posteriorly and end anteriorly as ligament (known as costal ligament). As a feature of the hard chest, the ribs ensure the inward thoracic organs.

Step by step answer:The sternum is a level bone. The ribs are appended to it via a cartilaginous joint. It is the marginally versatile joint sort with costal ligaments present between two bones.
-Clavicle and scapular are bones of pectoral support. There are two clavicles. One is present on the left side while the other is present on the right side. The clavicle is the long bone in the body that lies evenly.
-Ilium is the biggest aspect of the coxal bone of pelvic support.
Hence, the right answer is B
Additional Information:
The sternum is the bone that lies in the front midline of our chest. It shapes part of the rib confinement and the front-most aspect of the chest. Its capacities are to shield the thoracic organs from injury and structure the hard connection for different muscles. It is additionally the middle around which the predominant 10 ribs straightforwardly or in a roundabout way joined. There are sure inherent neurotic conditions identified with the sternum. They generally refer to the deviations of the state of the sternum, which at times, particularly if it is an outrageous deviation, can influence the organs inside thoracic depression.

Note: Twelve pairs of rib articulate with the vertebral segment posteriorly and end anteriorly as ligament. The first seven pairs are attached directly to the sternum by costal cartilages and are called true ribs. The 8th, 9th, and 10th pairs are called false ribs that do not join the sternum directly but are connected to the 7th rib with the help of cartilage.