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Rhizoid containing sporophytic plants are characteristic of

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: Rhizoid containing sporophytic plants are the characteristics of a class of ferns. They have no roots, leaves are partially differentiated or lack. They are mostly old plants.

Complete answer:
Rhizoid containing sporophytic plants are characteristic of Psilopsida. Psilopsida is a class of ferns with no roots, protostelic vascular cylinders and the leaves are partially differentiated or lacking. The Plant body is very simple. They do not show much differentiation. They have rootless sporophytes. The stem is differentiated into a rhizome and an aerial part. The rhizome bears rhizoids. Both of them perform the function of a root. The aerial branches are green, without leaves, and bear small veinless outgrowths. They carry out photosynthesis.
Psilopsida is the oldest known vascular plant. Most of them have become extinct. For example Rhynia, Horneophyton, etc. There are only two living species, Psilotum and Tmesipteris.

Additional information:
Psilopsida is a genus among vascular pteridophytes. They have rhizomatous stems which may be either tuberous or elongated. The leaves of psilopsida have reticulate venation.
Their roots are adventitious.
Vegetative reproduction occurs by the death of the older parts of the rhizome. Soon the younger parts of the rhizome separate from the dead rhizome. They grow as long as independent plants.
In some cases, the upper cell of the rhizoids divides and produces a small structure known as the gemma. The gemma then detaches and develops into a new rhizome
So, the correct answer is option (d) 'Psilopsida'.

Note: Rhizome is the underground part of the stem. Leaves and roots are absent on rhizomes. It develops rhizoids for the absorption of water.
Their structure is similar to that of aerial branches. But here the pith or sclerenchymatous tissues are not present in the center of the xylem core.
The phloem is poorly developed. The cortex is composed of thin-walled parenchyma. A mycorrhizal fungus lives in it. The cells of the lower epidermis contain rhizoids.