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What is the result of reckless female foeticide?

Last updated date: 21st Mar 2023
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Hint: With the help of advancements in technology, we have developed methods to identify the sex of the baby even before birth. But this was used in order to abort female ones illegally and the process is called female foeticide.

Complete answer: There is equal probability that the baby might be a boy or a girl in pregnancy. Until recent years, we were not able to identify the sex of the baby before delivery. In the gestational period, foetus develops inside the uterus of the mother. It is connected with the maternal body with the help of the placenta, through which gaseous exchange, nutrition, excretion of waste materials, etc takes place. Foetus develops inside an amniotic bag inside the uterus which is filled with a thick fluid called amniotic fluid. This fluid surrounding the foetus contains several tissues and cells of the foetus. Amniocentesis is the name of the test used to detect any kind of chromosomal anomalies and
genetic diseases present in the developing foetus. This test also determines the sex of the
baby even before delivery. It is done by collecting amniotic fluid from the amniotic bag and studying
the chromosome structure of the foetus. This sex-determining test has been abused lately for aborting female babies. It is called female foeticide. It leads to several adverse effects on society. It leads to a high male to female ratio, gender disparity in society, violence against women, trafficking of women, instability in society, etc.

Note: Pre natal sex determination is prohibited in India by law. Under the pre-conception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques act, determining the sex of the baby before birth is an illegal offense and
is punishable by law.