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Reindeer moss is common name of
A) Usnea comosa
B) Cladonia rangiferina
C) Funaria hygrometrica
D) Sphagnum angustifolium

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint:Reindeer moss is a fruticose lichen seen in great amounts in Arctic lands. Reindeer moss is a lichen, not a moss; which is a succession of algae and fungus yielding a symbiotic connection and creating a new plant.

Complete answer:
Before we find out the correct option let us know a little about mosses. Mosses are a phylum of nonvascular plants. They create spores for propagation rather than seeds and don't grow herbs, wood or roots. Instead of roots, all varieties of moss own rhizoids. The mosses remain within a group of plants named the Bryophyta under the group Music.

>Option A: There are no common names connected with this taxon, Usnea comosa. Therefore, this is an incorrect option.
>Option B: Cladonia rangiferina is the common name for Reindeer Moss. Therefore, this is the correct option. Therefore, this is the correct option.
>Option C: Funaria hygrometrica is the common name for bonfire moss and common cord-moss. Therefore, this is an incorrect option.
>Option D: Sphagnum angustifolium, the common name for the fine bogmoss, is a kind of peat moss with a Holarctic dispersion. Therefore, this is an incorrect option.

Thus, the correct answer is option (B).

Note:Reindeer moss rarely stretches more than 17 cms in length. Reindeer and Caribou can detect lichen by the snow, and paw down to consume it. Reindeer moss can transform sunlight into food at low warmth and low light situations. Its tissue is not easily destroyed by frost.